Monday, May 2, 2011


One of the main purposes of this blog is to share what the Lord is sharing with me each day in my devotional time. I "meet" with several other women each morning via Facebook or texting. We read a chapter from the Bible, then share our thoughts with each other. I'm just going to pick up where we are's a great place!

I want to keep a record of my readings because I feel like I am learning so much. Hopefully this is much faster than hand writing in a journal.

Today we read Romans Chapter 8. My thoughts:
What a great chapter! V 1 starts right off with awesome news, especially for those who you are witnessing to. There is no past in Jesus! Stop thinking he won't love you because of who you were!

V 9... I need to remind myself of this every day. I am NOT controlled by my sinful nature. I AM controlled by the Spirit of God.

V 26 ... How many times have I not been able to pray because of sadness, tiredness, irritation, anger? Praise God His Spirit does it for me then. I am never alone.

V 28 has seen me through countless trials and will continue to.

I pray you all got as much out of this chapter as I always do. Thanks for joining me today. You are loved!

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